Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Consider this when training staff.....

To initiate using critical thinking, consider these 10 general guidelines as they apply to your training. These guidelines are particularly helpful for novice trainers.

. Thinking should be conducted by the staff not by you.
2. Opportunities to think must be facilitated in safe, welcoming environments where staff contributions are encouraged and respected.
3. Staff must be allowed time to think.
4. Staff respond best when given reasons to think in ways that are authentic.
5. Thinking should be infused into all instruction in ways that are holistic, not just added onto the lesson.
6. Staff must explore concepts and practices in myriad ways that are natural and fun.
7. Thinking must be connected to a variety of contexts.
8. Staff must be provided a multitude of resources and encouraged to generate and pursue their own resources.
9. Staff must be allowed to interact with peers throughout the instruction and to share outcomes.
10. Thinking should inspire more thinking.

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