Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Learn To Delegate Please

The Next Generation of Executive Director will have to be serious about delegation.  Success comes from focusing one’s energy upon high value activities and then delegating down everything else.  It is the failure to delegate properly which kills most EDs….they get burned once or twice and then begin to pull back everything under their control…adopting the attitude “If you want something done right, do it yourself”.    That’s a career killer.

If you have to delegate a task or project,  understand these key principles in delegation
  • Can they do the job?  Be sure to select someone capable of performing the task under typical circumstances and the period involved.
  • Do they need any additional training to do the job?  What support do you have to put in place to ensure they “have what it takes”.
  • Do they have the authority to do the job?  Make sure they understand the freedom they have to make decisions as well as the boundaries.  This includes budget authority.
  • Do they want to do the job?  Not every task has to be joyous, but if you’re delegating the unpleasant jobs to the same person time after time you may encounter morale problems.
  • Do they understand the desired outcome? Everyone should agree upon the specific results to be achieved.
  • Is there enough time to  achieve the goals?  Nothing kills morale like being challenged with a goal but not given enough time to be successful.
  • If they have to supervise or coordinate others, do they have the people skills to lead?  Note that the Executive Director was hired to lead people…so you better be sure those you delegate to can lead too.


Linda Mihalik said...

ED also need to be willing to step back and let the employee do the job. They might be surprised by the great results and the talent employees bring!

Michael Brand said...

Yes is amazing how hard some EDs work at trying to hire talented people and then refuse to turn them loose to do great things