Monday, August 27, 2012

The Best Way To Improve Your Productivity....Try This

You've seen Stephen Covey's matrix on the Urgent/Important. Here's one step I've taken in order to get more done.  If something is truly urgent, people will either call or text.  Therefore I purposefully do not open my email till after I've completed at least one major task for the day...that usually comes after 11:00am.

It has been at least two years since I've received an email I'd classify as Urgent AND Important.  So let's move email to Quadrant II. Of course, the lone exception is if you advanced notice that some document is coming to your inbox that morning.  Otherwise, let it go till later. 

I was astonished what a quick burst of productivity this added to my'll will too if you give it a try.


Always4PSU said...

Many of my students think of Covey as so 90's, but his work is timeless. In addition, his early work is simple and easy to understand (his later collaboration with Franklin added unneeded complexity). There are many simple steps one can take to ramp up productivity and Covey's matrix is a good one. Also see Get More Done

Tom Rath said...

Yes, an excellent tip. Far too many people let the immediacy of email get the best of them. It's the classic problem of being managed by your inbox. I taught both my kids how to approach email so that they control it rather than have it control them. At my wife's office the IT guys disabled all email notifications so that bells and whistles do not distract from the task at hand. In an ADHD world, this is not a bad strategy.